Are you insured for your professional licensing  matter?  Surprise . . . you may be.  I’ve represented many  professionals in licensing issues before the various Pennsylvania Licensing Boards.  I’ve also represented many  professionals in malpractice claims so I have had occasion to review many Professional Liability policies.  Many insurance companies do provide coverage for licensing complaints. Sometimes it is in the base policy and sometimes it is offered in a rider or even separate coverage.

 Often the insurance company will provide coverage because a license complaint is frequently filed in conjunction with a civil lawsuit and the insurance company doesn’t want the licensing matter to compromise the defense of the civil suit.  There is also an issue about control of what documents are provided in the licensing case and making certain no more than what must be disclosed is disclosed.

The insurance company will only cover your expenses, including legal fees, to defend the licensing case.  There will be no coverage for any fines or costs imposed by the licensing board.  Be certain to contact your attorney and/or insurance company early in the process so you have the benefit of their expertise from the beginning.  Often, the early intervention of an attorney can resolve a licensing complaint particularly when there is also a civil action or the treat of a civil action because those matters really should be dealt with in the civil courts rather than at the licensing board.

 If you would like me (or any specific attorney for that matter) to represent you and you do have insurance that will cover your attorney’s fees, you can request that the insurance company hire me.  If you let me know I can provide the insurance company with my resume and usually they will allow me to do the work rather than their panel attorney who may not have as much experience as I do.  In fact I may already be approved by the insurance company to do that work for them. 
So anytime an investigation is started or you receive an Order to Show Cause, make sure that you not only contact an attorney but also your insurance company in case you have coverage.

So I sat down to write this blog intending to make it a complete list of the tasks of all volunteer board members.   Only as I started to write this I realized that although I know many of the tasks from having served on volunteer boards and representing non-profits and associations, every board is different and I can’t possible know all the tasks of every board.  I hope I know most of the tasks and even the most important tasks but please tell me what my list is missing and I’ll update this as additional information is obtained. So please comment so that your thoughts can be shared with everyone.  (Or email me privately and I’ll add your comments anonymously.) 

In no particular order, here are the tasks for board members that I’ve compiled:

Strategic Planning
Policy setting
Oversight of programs (often including education of members)
Oversight of management (often confused with micromanaging)
    This can include the hiring of an executive director or chief officer.
Cash management
Risk management

 What did I miss?