So I sat down to write this blog intending to make it a complete list of the tasks of all volunteer board members.   Only as I started to write this I realized that although I know many of the tasks from having served on volunteer boards and representing non-profits and associations, every board is different and I can’t possible know all the tasks of every board.  I hope I know most of the tasks and even the most important tasks but please tell me what my list is missing and I’ll update this as additional information is obtained. So please comment so that your thoughts can be shared with everyone.  (Or email me privately and I’ll add your comments anonymously.) 

In no particular order, here are the tasks for board members that I’ve compiled:

Strategic Planning
Policy setting
Oversight of programs (often including education of members)
Oversight of management (often confused with micromanaging)
    This can include the hiring of an executive director or chief officer.
Cash management
Risk management

 What did I miss?


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